Single-Family Detached Home: Honourable Mention
Project Name: Donelon Home

James Donelon

This renovated home is fully wheelchair accessible. After an automobile accident that left a young 15 year-old a paraplegic, her father began work on a house renovation that would provide his daughter full independence throughout the two-storey home. With an extensive addition to the back of the home, and complete revamping of all of the floor levels, this project is as much a new build as a renovation.

The home is located in a mature neighborhood. With the addition to the back of the home, it is now a two storey, 1,600 square foot fully accessible residence. The no step entrance is located at the back of the home. Visitors who park on the street at the front of the home use a ramp that leads to the accessible back entrance. A second ramp provides access from the detached garage to the back entrance.

The renovated home is three levels including the basement; all three floors house a wheelchair (and VisitAble) bedroom. A VisitAble powder room is located on the main floor and a fully accessible washroom en suite, complete with curb-less shower, is located on the second floor.

The father said, “We tried to maintain the feel and look of the old house because it was our family house and we wanted to maintain some of the memories.”