Ron Wickman
Affiliation: Architect, Wickman Ron Architect
Region: Edmonton, Alberta
Contact Information: (780) 430-9935

Involvement in VisitAbility/Universal Design:
For more than 10 years, Ron Wickman has been a leading advocate for barrier-free design in buildings and landscapes. As an architect, his commitment to accessible housing and his award-winning practical and functional designs have earned him national recognition as an expert in accessibility and barrier-free design. “As an architect, Ron Wickman has been a great champion of universal design with the goal of designing buildings and facilities so that they serve the greatest number of people, regardless of ability,” notes one of his clients.


Home for Life™
Region: Edmonton, Alberta
Period: The project is planning to have the Guidelines developed and printed by the end December 2013
Purpose/Goal: To develop guidelines to promote inclusion. The main objective of the Home for Life™ initiative is to develop guidelines to build residential homes that are accessible for people of all abilities. The lead organization is a subcommittee of the Vision for an Age Friendly Edmonton. It is funded by the City of Edmonton.