Buying a home is a major expense, and homeowners want to make sure they’re getting good value with a well-designed home that offers style as well as practical benefits. A VisitAble home allows friends and family to visit, should prove marketable to a wide range of buyers when the owner decides to sell, and may make it easier to remain at home as residents age.

The best time to make a home VisitAble is before construction, when wide hallways and entrances can be planned in a cost-effective manner. Renovating a house to be VisitAble after construction will require more expensive upgrades.

For homeowners, a VisitAble home will welcome a range of visitors, from young parents with strollers to older adults who don’t enjoy climbing stairs. The house design can also be helpful if mobility becomes an issue temporarily, for example, if a sports injury requires a young athlete to use crutches for several months. VisitAble homes help to create an inclusive community, one that invites all to visit. More access for everyone can include a child who uses a wheelchair and wants to trick-or-treat at Halloween, or an older neighbour who would love to come over for coffee.

A VisitAble home can be as attractive, welcoming, and unique as one’s individual taste. A VisitAble home is different from an accessible home. A VisitAble home can be upgraded to add more accessibility features later, if the homeowner’s needs change over time. Some home buyers look for a VisitAble home because they anticipate that their mobility may change as they grow older.

Residents of a VisitAble house may find they appreciate the everyday benefits after they’ve moved in and lived there for a while. For example, wide hallways are helpful when carrying in a heavy piece of furniture. A no-step entrance makes it easier to keep the entrance clear of snow, and reduces the chance for someone to fall on icy steps in the winter.

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