First Prize – Single-Family Detached Home
Project Name: Platinum Living

Larry Clay, Clay Construction
Richard Kadulski, Richard Kadulski Architect
Caleb Clay, Clay Construction


  • Air-quality is paramount, critical analysis of building process and all materials
  • Unique challenges called for innovative solutions within a tight budget!
  • Smaller home with simple design, matches neighbourhood character and green principle.


Renewable Energy

  • Integration of renewable energy source
  • Mitsubishi Commercial Heat-pump provides all heating and cooling, no secondary heat system required, quietest on market
  • Eneready HRV with special carbon filtration, has posh controls which eliminates need for bath fans
  • Natural light is maximized with 9-Solar tubes, extensive windows and French doors

Energy Conservation

  • Promotion of energy conservation by utilizing individual metering for natural gas, hydronic heating, electricity, water
  • Whole-house water filtration and non-saline softener
  • Low-flow, dual flush toilets, low-flow showerheads
  • Natural gas water heater

High-efficiency Appliances and Lighting

Inclusion of high-efficiency appliances to promote conservation of energy, such as:

  • Natural gas space heating equipment, high efficiency
  • Electrical appliances are highest tier Energy Star-rated
  • Installation of high-efficiency lighting (hard-wired LED or CFL)
  • AEG Cooktop (induction) with touch controls
  • Venma hood fan 600 CFM
  • Fagor wall oven 24” single-side opening
  • Blomberg dishwasher built-in Estar
  • HVAC Considerations
  • Reduce HVAC energy requirements through passive design using the building elements (incl. architectural, structural, envelope and passive mechanical) to minimize energy consumption and improve thermal comfort.
  • Smaller home with simple design that matches neighbourhood-character and green principle
  • High-efficiency triple-glazed fibreglass-windows
  • Poly under footings/slab
  • ICF foundation
  • Exterior rigid insulation R10 above grade R60 in attic
  • Exterior air barrier and ADA and paint on vapor retarder.
  • Advanced Smart framing

Additional Energy-Efficient Features such as:

  • Waste reduction, recycling, reuse and efficient use of materials
  • Water conservation, storm water protection/management and situation control
  • Reducing negative impact of building sites to benefit both workers and nearby residents (noise, dust, etc)
  • Natural features and/or development of public areas to enhance outdoor living
  • Minimize energy in construction and use, and/or use of alternative energy sources
  • Setting and meeting performance targets (Built Green BC, R-2000 Standard, EnerGuide Rating 80 or higher or LEED-qualified high-energy efficiency)
  • Energuide 94
  • R2000 certification
  • BuiltGreen Platinum
  • Built to be chlorine-free, including chlorine off-gassing PVC
  • Water supply all copper-piping, no pex
  • MSDS sheets provided for every product to ensure no toxic-chemicals
  • Non-formaldehyde un-dyed fibreglass insulation used
  • Air-Renew drywall (VOC-absorbing drywall) in master-bedroom
  • Inert-solid surface materials
  • Floors, countertops, shower are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial
  • No MDF, particle board
  • Water-based natural stain on wood-trim
  • Hardwood floors are wire-brushed, oiled.
  • Non-toxic silicone, glues, adhesives (WHMIS, OSHA standards consulted for each product)
  • Low-VOC/low-toxins paints
  • 30-day off-gassing (exceeds LEED standard – 48 hours)
  • All building materials meet Green Guard Gold and CARB P2 standards.
  • Aluminum soffits, cementitious siding – no vinyl
  • White walls, ceiling and cabinets for visual contrast to flooring,
  • edges – plus all lighting non-glare
  • Separated and disposed of material using a specialized company

Design: Innovative, functional, creative and aesthetically appealing

  • Homeowner has life-threatening multiple chemical sensitivities compromising her immune-system
  • Air-quality is paramount, every aspect of building process, materials were considered
  • Affordable choices proved challenging
  • Fully wheelchair accessible, special attention to thresholds
  • Attractive 12” off-set front door
  • Convenient pass-through counter
  • Meets SAFER requirements for barrier free
  • ADA approved interiors
  • Driveway and sidewalk meets ADA (American Disability Act) residential standards
  • Most windows are wheelchair-height for egress and open like doors